It so worth it!

The wait is over.. my patience is paid off now. I made 3 of the cake balls in a hurry this morning before I went to work. Gave one for my husband and brought the 2 other pieces to work. Right when I got to work my husband emailed me and said that was delicious. He said it was moist.

I went over to my friend’s room across from my room, and showed it to her my two little precious chocolate covered cake balls topped with pink blink blink (sugar). She had one and she said it’s good. According to her, not sure if she’s just being nice and polite or what, it’s the best thing among all of the stuffs I have made before that she tried. So that put my curiosity sky rocketed and I made a decision to, once again, forget about my diet and had a bite of that last one. It was so good specially with all the suspense and all the thrill about cheating on my diet. Oh boy… I’m telling you now that I have made my own cake balls, I have to agree with the people that said it’s not hard at all. It does take a lot of patience though. But hey it’s worth every second of the waiting period.

To get such a cute little dessert that taste so good as these little cake balls? And to think how easy it is to make it? Yes it’s so worth it.

Let’s take a step back on our journey before we put these cute balls in our mouth and do our ooh ahh. It’s all started with a simple cake box mix which all you have to do it add 3 eggs, oil or butter and water. Bake them, cool it down then open a can of frosting. Think about the fun of mashing the cake and mix in the frosting eventhough it’s hard to see the cake you bake crumbling apart, well at least part of me was crying a little bit. Followed by the next step of rolling those mixture into a little balls, let them sit in the fridge overnight or if Mr. Impatience decided to visit you and won’t wait for overnight, you can always speed it up a little by put them in the freezer for 15 minutes. The next easy step is melting your coating, lots of them using almond bark, I only have chocolate chip in the pantry so that’s what I used. Thanks to technology you can pop them in the microwave for 30 second to melt. Mix them with couple tablespoons of butter to get the shiny result. Once those melted, you can start the fun part rolling those firm cake balls into the chocolate. Now to avoid the mess that some of you experience in this step, I roll the balls into the chocolate with a help of a metal teaspoon, then I picked them up with a toothpick and kind of twisting them onto the baking sheet lined with wax paper until the ball dropped on the paper. Then immediately sprinkle your toppings. If you are going to use colored melted white chocolate wait until the first coat a little firm. Let them sit until it’s firm. This process took only 15 minutes for me for those 42 balls. You do want to do it fast before the melted chocolate become hard on your bowl.

One last step after that is to sit down and stare at those little balls lining up on the baking pan with a big smile on your face . I am staying away from the kitchen and blabbing here so that I won’t be tempted to grab at least one of them.
I know someone that loves red velvet cake and he will have a surgery on Monday. I am thinking, if I can, to make a batch of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting of the cake balls. This is what in my head, hope you can visualize the image in my head, that red cake velvet balls covered with white chocolate coating and drizzle with the red colored white chocolate. And for easter, maybe for the kids at my son’s class we can make them in the shape of an egg and decorate them? I know right..too many ideas. These days, food is no longer something you put in your mouth, make your belly happy and you are done. Nope, it’s more of an art these days. A yummy art..priceless!

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