Mango or Peach Cobbler

We are supposed to go on a picnic around the lake today but thanks to Texas weather which unpredictable, and turned out to be awesomely cold today we could not go. However since we are in charge of bringing the dessert and my husband voted for Mango/Peach cobbler and or Tiramisu, we decided to still making the Peach cobbler. 

I came across the recipe for Peach Cobbler that was really good and very easy to make. And we have been using that recipe since then. Though one day we discover something that even make this recipe shines. 

We went to the asian market for a little grocery and thought we could find canned peaches there since we are making the peach cobbler for a dinner with friends. Well of course somehow they did not have it. Gotta make a quick decision that time. So then I saw these canned mangoes and thought oh well it’s the same color, pretty close in texture, why not try them in place of the peaches. So we did and we did not regret that. As a matter of fact we love them better than the peaches.. not that we don’t like peach cobbler, but the mango bring out a different flavor of the cobbler, more meaty not so mushy, just not your ordinary cobbler.

My husband made them for his office function, we made them for family gathering and people loves them. If you do not tell them they will think it’s peaches because it’s the same color, very few catch that is not peaches eventhough they could not guess it’s mangoes.

Ok something’s weird going on. I could not locate the whole folder of my pictures. Wonder if a little finger clicking delete the whole thing by accident? I promise I will make this again and take a new picture .

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