Cake Balls Obsession

It’s a cold Sunday morning. My DH and DS still asleep. I have done my running around to get my “cake balls obsession” ingredients this morning. Grab some donuts on the way, filled in my car with gas and I am here now blabbing. 

Since I made those cake balls I am obsessed with them. Well I have been obsessed of making tiny edible creations since long time ago though. I remember my mom got irritated by me whenever she put me inchange of making potato fritters (Perkedel = Indonesian dishes) and I always form the patties tiny in a size of a cake ball but flat. The original shape is more of a 2″ patties . And garnishing my food has been a habit. I just love to do that. Now that I am married and not live under her rule, I can pursue my obsession lol. 

Now back to the cake balls.. I have got myself some red velvet cake mix, dark chocolate cake mix, strawberry cake mix along with the frosting. Back home I search online for ideas of cake balls decoration and came across this website Bakerella. O M G she is awesome !! I was glued to my chair for a while looking at her pictures of cake balls, cake pop etc. And she has a cookbook for cake balls which of course I will have to have them. She is the diva for this cake balls. Awesome awesome creations. So many ideas that my head hurts . Oh gosh..

I told my husband last night that I will make more of the cake balls and since we should not eat them, yeah I have got to get back to my diet , I will send him to work with the cake balls and I will bring some to work or send some to the teachers at my son’s preschool. That way I can let my obsession runs and stays on my diet. At least that’s the plan. 

I had an idea of making one in a shape of hot dogs for my mother in law’s birthday in June, thanks to the idea of hamburger cake balls from Bakerella Burgers and Bees. Let’s hope I can make them…sounds like fun!

Ok before my head explodes with more idea I better get started with my red velvet cake balls for my boss. So until then…! I promise I will post pictures once it’s done…

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