Cake Balls grrrrrrrrrrrrr moment!

It is true when you are not in a full force mood on baking, better don’t do it at all. I was pretty happy with the first cake ball I made. It was moist, the coating was smooth and I used chocolate chip that time.

So today after sent my husband to Kroger to get the candy bark as recommended by others, I force myself to finish up what I have started yesterday. I made 2 batches of the cake balls, one with Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting and another one Devil’s Food Cake with chocolate frosting.
I melt the vanilla ones first to work with my red velvet cake balls. I did half of the batch, the chocolate started to harden. So I stopped. Then I looked at my cake balls, some of the cake kind of poking out through the coating. And when it’s hard and I tried to put it on the paper cup, I saw the bottom part of the balls are my red velvet cake showing through. The one I made the other day was not like that. It was completely covered with the coating. And I then heat up the leftover vanilla coating and mixed in gel food coloring..made a pink color to drizzle on top.

Then moved to the next one, melt the chocolate candy coating, and again only made half of the batch and same thing happen. It’s smoother than the vanilla but it cracked on the top. Not all of them only several pieces.

So I have to do some more research on why this happen before I move to the next round.

Anyway here is the result of my Grrrrrr cake balls today.

The Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting covered with Vanilla Candy Coating.

Devil’s Food Cake with Chocolate Frosting covered with Chocolate Candy Coating

As you can see some of them cracking. Also some oil are oozing out. Wonder if the cake is too moist? 
Oh well here are couple more pictures of the cakeballs ready to take to my office and one for my husband’s office.

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