The beginning.

I have made up my mind to stop myself from baking. At least until I reach my goal on my weight loss program. I will start a new diet that sounds promising. Some of you probably have heard about the Dukan Diet which according to the news had helped some celebrities to lose weight and not to mentioned many of French ladies to lose weight and keep their slim figure. With that said, I will start this Dukan Regime tomorrow.

It sound pretty easy. The diet itself started with “Attack” phase where you can only consume pure high protein and low fat food and drink at least 1.5 liter of water. You can have coffee, tea or soda drinks as long as it less than 1 calorie per serving. Plus 1.5 tablespoon of oat bran a day. Skim Milk, Fat free Yogurt, spices are fine within reason. With the weight that I have to lose I will have to stay in the Attack phase for 6 days (recommended by the weight loss calculator on their website). Though I was thinking to do 10 days instead of 6. Once you have passed this round, you will enter the next phase which they call Cruise phase. On this phase you will increase you oat bran to 2 tablespoon. Your daily menu will be 1 day Pure Protein, the next day Pure protein with some vegetables (greens). Oh I forgot to mention the protein has to be lean protein, you can have egg, white preferable with max of 2 yolks, a day. You will do this phase until you reach your goal. Which for me will be until End of this year to reach my goal.

Then you will go to maintenance phase or consolidation phase. During this time, according to Dukan Diet,  we are at our most vulnerable stage when the body has a tendency to quickly regain lost pounds. This phase is designed to prevent the rebound effect by gradually returning previously forbidden foods and allowing for two “celebration” meals per week, woo hoo!. This phase follows a strict timeline – 5 days per every pound lost in Phase 2. So if, supposedly, I lost 70 lbs in Phase 2, I will have to stay on this consolidation phase for 350 days, say a year.

The last phase is Permanent  Stabilization. This phase is the rest of your life! To keep your newly found body for the rest of your life you must follow these three simple but non-negotiable rules:

  1. Eat three teaspoons of oat bran per day.
  2. Choose to take the stairs whenever possible
  3. Have one pure-protein (Phase 1) day per week.
The last one have one day Pure Protein day per week kind of a reminder to your self I guess on all the hard work you have done in the past to get to the point you are now on the last phase.

No drugs, no shots, nothing..I think this is more of a lifestyle change. Also they recommended to do light exercise, like walk for 20-30 minutes a day. And start take the stairs instead of elevator.

I have to keep telling myself I have to do this. I have to do this for my son. I want to be able to see him growing. So off me go! I will start tomorrow with a new lifestyle. A new way of eating and living. So I have to say bye bye for now to all the baked goodies I want to create. Until then…

From now on the blog will be a journal of my journey to reach my goal. It surely be Tastilicious when I am there on the last phase!

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