Food Cake, Cake food

I do not know why I keep getting request to make food themed cake these days. Well it’s all started when I decided to make the taco and burrito cake for couple of my friend’s birthday. They both love Mexican cuisine and we went to had lunch at one Mexican Restaurant. So I put on my thinking cap, what can I make for them. The search for Mexican themed cake came out with all typical stuffs like sombrero cake or cactus, bright fiesta color..non of them really ding on me. And I thought maybe I have to make a “food like” cake. And making taco cake won’t be too hard. So I did it. Made the taco cake complete with the purple onion, diced tomato and shredded cheese. Once the taco was done I saw that it feels lonely without its siblings. Since I need something to hold the taco cake from falling during transport, I decided to bring burrito on board. The cake was chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream. Covered with fondant and airbrushed the color for the whole thing. Keep in mind this is actually my first airbrush cake. I just got my new toy and decided to practice with the easy cake first. What do you think?

We took it out from the box when I arrived at the restaurant and people were asking if that’s a real taco and were amazed to know it’s all cake. We had fun at lunch. I have great friends!

Yes you are right it does not stop there. The following week, I have a birthday at work for my co-worker, we usually do monthly birthday, and the birthday boy and girl for that month like things like beer, grill, country living kinda thing. So I decided to make a hamburger cake for the party. I really looked forward to make that cake. I could not wait to try my airbrush for the second time. Prepared the purple onion, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes for the fixing.

So there all ready. I got the bottom buns first and airbrushed the sides, topped with a little butter cream so that the “hamburger patty” will stays when I put it on. The hamburger patty is made out of cake ball mixture, which is crumbled chocolate cake mixed with butter cream then top it off with melted cheese and the rest of the fixing.

And here is the picture with the top bun and a little poppy seed look a like. And last but not least is the french fries.

The responses I got were hilarious πŸ™‚ most of them said that it feels so wrong, tricking the brain and the taste buds. Thinking it’s a french fries but it’s sweet, thinking that it’s a savory good ol hamburger but it’s a cake. 
My mother in law loves hot dogs, the Texas Rangers and bridge game. While my husband loves a good steak. And her birthday always close if not on the same day with father’s day. So I made her a hot dog cake and a steak cake for my husband. My 6 years old helped with making the fondant potato chips, sweet relish and onion for the hot dog and he made the mushrooms for the steak. He did very good. He likes to help when I cook or making cakes. He once said that he wants to learn how to cook so that when he grows up he can cook for me, so that I don’t have to cook for him and can just relax. Isn’t he sweet? I love him so much.
Oh here is the picture of the hot dog and steak I made…so there guys. Enjoy! And the next one is going to be a bowl of salad cake, that’s the next challenge I got. We shall see if I can tackle that challenge :D.

β€œThe only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” 
― Julia Child

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  1. impressive…very interesting cakes


    1. Thank you. I would like to try your bentos for my son. He’s tired of the same thing over and over.


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