New Painting

We have a 3 days weekend which I wish every weekend is 3 days. We usually go out of town during Labor day weekend. But decided to stay in this time. Went to my in laws on Sunday, my son got to play with his cousin while daddy hang out with his bro bro and I had a nice conversation with my sister in law about something we both enjoy, painting. She has her illustrations made with ink and color it digitally. While I did the lazy route before just went straight digital :D. Since my tablet pen was not working, I stopped and switch to canvas which I really enjoy. I have bought a new pen that still in the box. I think I really like dropping my paints on the canvas rather than virtually. I might change my mind some day, depending on my mood ;).

Went to the mall today base on , surprisingly, my son’s request. Well of course I said yes. It’s rare, I mean rareeeeeeee that he wants to go to the mall ; read: shopping; with mommy. He’s so daddy’s boy on that subject. So we did walk around the mall, he asked if he can go to Lego store and then we got 1 for him and I decided to grab another one for my nephew’s birthday present next week. Oh and we stopped by at FuzziWig Candy Store I was curious about the bacon covered chocolate. Interesting but we are all not crazy about it.

Stopped by at P.F. Changs for some “snack attack” we ordered shrimp dumplings, came with 6 little purse of dumpling and I got to taste 1 piece and he ate all 5 of them. He always know how and when to push the button. He said that it’s really good but what I made for him at home was even better and gave me a kiss and hug lol. Then We had calamari with salt and pepper while waiting for daddy to come pick us up from his CD hunting.

Next stop was mommy’s candy store, which is my asian grocery shopping. Found my teh botol and sambal that I was looking for. So I am happy :). Though we only really eat dinner over the weekend. I only cook for my son during the week for dinner. These asian food I am craving right now gotta wait until next weekend, if I can wait ;).

Back to the painting I did today, I saw a picture of my cousin on facebook with the background of some trees that looks so pretty. And I decided to grabbed a little canvas and my pencil while having my Sumatran coffee I started sketching.



My boys were ready to go before I finish my project so I had to stop and do the more important stuffs, shopping!

Got back home at night and still have piles of laundry that my dear husband is doing right now. So I had time to finished my painting while my son worked on the Lego we bought at the mall today. He did really good. He built them by himself. We bought the Lego for a much older age and he did it. He was so proud of himself.  I finished my painting and now time to hit the bed. Thank God for a 4 days work! Here is my new painting let me know what you think. Keep in mind I am still learning :).


Oh and look at this little duck we saw at the mall..with the 104 degree outside I think even the duckies know it’s better to stay inside and stay in the water.

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