I so can’t wait for this weekend! Planning on organizing the whole house. Yes that’s the plan :). I know I know.. it’s better to take 1 step at a time. But these pinterest ideas are so tempting. I can’t wait to have my laundry room or my pantry or the whole house all organize and labeled. Yes that dangerous label maker! It’s on my hand now. I feel so strong and powerful.

I think I can wear my waist apron and put my label maker in my apron pocket and imagine myself walking around with my “gun” that shoot labels! Feel the power? Wonder if I should put on my boots and cowboy hats while I am tackling this project.

I feel like I have to make a list of what type of container, and colors for what I need so that I won’t get distracted at the store trying to get “just what I need”. Once I start tomorrow I will take picture of the before and after, if mission is accomplished.

Tackling the whole house probably sound like a not too good plan. I should be happy if I tackle the laundry room, pantry and kitchen. Then move to the other rooms gradually. Yeah I think I like that plan better.

Going to donate most of the stuffs. Telling myself to be brave to part from those stuffs. He has issue with CDs while me with recipe books and kitchen appliances. We are all have our own thing :).

Going to start another painting tonight. I have an idea of what it is going to be. Still molding it in my head.

And of course the Rangers are playing so I am typing here and watching them as well. It’s gonna be a busy weekend and week ahead. Organizing and cleaning, baking. I have 6 cakes to make for next week. Glad that it’s not all custom cake. It’s gonna be regular cake. Carrot cake, Strawberry cake, Red Velvet cake and triple chocolate fudge cake, a birthday girl cake in a mermaid theme, and a cake for August birthday celebration at work.

Wish me luck!

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