Laundry room – step 1 organizing project

This morning I woke up with the excitement of going to hunt for my organizing project supplies. My husband and son dropped me off at Target before they go to swimming lesson, my son’s swimming lesson. I walked inside with lots of plan and ideas i my head of what I want and need.

The plan is to get as much as storage and hoping it won’t break my bank. I hit the $1 sections first and found me a matching little plastic basket and paper basket in Turquoise color more of a Teal.  I grabbed those colors and come greens one for the other area in the future. Then to my surprise I found plastic storage on sale for $6.78 it’s  a 66 quartz size with turquoise/teal lid. I was tempted to get more but I managed to walked away with 3 of those. Could not find the containers I need for the pantry organizing projects. As I was about to walked to the check out I saw these cloth basket in turquoise/teal colors so I grabbed 3 of each sizes. They are around $4 – $5 each.

I have not find any good labels but I think I am just going to make my own. This time I will just use my label maker fort his first step. We went to Dollar tree after checking out at Target and walked out with nothing. My husband suggest to try Dollar General so we did and again walked out with nothing. Tomorrow we are going to hunt at Big Lots and Garden Ridge.

When we got home I decided to just order the container online through Dollar tree online. So by Tuesday supposedly I should be able to pick it up at the store by our house and it’s free shipping.

This is not as easy as I thought it would be. A whole day I was able to tackle only the laundry room, organize our medicines and one drawer in the kitchen. I was able to use one of the drawer which I emptied and reorganized and now use them to store my wax paper, aluminum paper and plastic bags.

Here is my new laundry room. It’s a laundry room and also a little storage for our other cleaning supplies, paper towels and all. I am hunting for the new rugs that has of course Turquoise color accent. And planning to get a long canvas and paint it myself to hang on top of the shelves.

Here the new look..almost done. This is the first step of the new look of our house. Start from the laundry room ;). I am tired but I am happy! It motivates my husband to clean the garage too :). He cleaned some and threw away stuffs with my son’s help while I was working on the laundry room.


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