Dimsum Cake

Dimsum Cake

I am going to meet my ex co-worker tomorrow morning for Dimsum. It’s her birthday and she just got married last month. We have not see each other for a long time. So for that I think it’s only perfect if I make her a birthday cake, well she did request for that :). Since we are having dimsum, I decided to make a dimsum themed cake. It was fun, no pressure project right? With 2 little 6 inches cake buttercream covered with fondant and airbrushed. Easy peasy ….. I thought. Then make the little dumplings to go with it. Everything went smooth until I was about to use my airbrush. It did not work!..oh no…I ask my brother and google the troubleshoot..video after video, then I decided to try to clean it for the how many times I lost count…and finally it worked..phew..all smooth after that. Thank God!!!. Here is the pictures of the cake. Hope she likes it…the cake is chocolate cake that I add coffee granules and the milk I replace with Starbucks Mocha drinks. Enjoy..:)!

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