Star Wars

Don’t judge,  I tried to watch it but can’t get into these Star Wars buzz. Hey, people are different and that’s the beauty of it.

Well i am surrounded by Star Wars lovers. Yessss and got several challenges of making the…I repeat. ..the Star Wars cake.

The first one was the most challenging ones. Darth Vader cake. I sat down many nights thinking what i get myself into this time. Tried to figure out how to do this. Times’s the night before the party, no turning back. So as you can see, i covered the board first to make it looked that even a word? Air brush has been my best friend in my cake journey. I absolutely love it.

Then i stacked and carved the cake. And yes in cheated, I borrowed the Darth Vader helmet and an Easter Darth Vader egg as my model. Told you I am surrounded by the fans.

Carved, covered with buttercream, fondant, paint, details…and there you have it..

The other 2 were more simple as you can see..

So in honor of the new Star Wars I am posting this to show my contribution to the Star Wars fan out there..


The board




image The begining
Getting closer
He is ready!


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